Can't Afford to Post Bail for Your Loved One?

BAIL NOW can help!

Most people have the option of posting bail so they can get out of jail and await trial from home, but bail is often set at a price that is above what many families have available. Don't let posting bail drain your savings. We can post your bond, and have your loved one out as quickly as possible. Call BAIL NOW, a local bail bonding company in Boise, ID, for help.

How Do Bail Bonds Work?

In Idaho, after a defendant has been booked into jail, they are still presumed innocent. Prior to any conviction, the defendant can pay the amount of bail in cash or contact another individual to help. The goal is for the defendant to spend as little time as possible behind bars. With over 20 years of experience, our bail bondsmen have made the process simple and stress-free for residents of Boise, ID, and throughout Idaho. Turn to our local bail bonding company for assistance.

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